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3Pc Toolpost Set

3Pc Toolpost Set

Quick Chnage Toolpost for EMCO UNIMAT 3, UNIMAT 4 & Unimat Basic Lathes
  • Suitable for Unimat 3, Unimat 4 & Unimat Basic Lathes.
  • Fully Hardened & Ground Mounting Blocks & Standard Holders.

Unimat 3, Unimat 4 and Unimat Basic lathes, Unimat quick change toolpost set, 171390 schnellwechsel stahlhalter
Unimat emco quick change toolpost set

Cat No.Shank Size
GTP-T343Pc Toolpost Set
2 x Standard Holder (12mm Capacity)
1 x Mounting Block (34x34x43mm)


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