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Adj. Hand Reamers

Adj. Hand Reamers

Size RangeNo. of BladesCat No.
8/A1/4 to 9/326.35 to 7.144GAR-2486
7/A9/32 to 5/167.14 to 7.944GAR-2487
6/A5/16 to 11/327.94 to 8.734GAR-2488
5/A11/32 to 3/88.73 to 9.525GAR-2489
4/A3/8 to 13/329.52 to 10.326GAR-2490
3A13/32 to 7/1610.32 to 11.116GAR-2491
2/A7/16 to 15/3211.11 to 11.916GAR-2492
A15/32 to 17/3211.91 to 13.496GAR-2493
B17/32 to 19/3213.49 to 15.086GAR-2494
C19/32 to 21/3215.08 to 16.676GAR-2495
D21/32 to 23/3216.67 to 18.266GAR-2496
E23/32 to 25/3218.26 to 19.846GAR-2497
F25/32 to 27/3219.84 to 21.436GAR-2498
G27/32 to 15/1621.43 to 23.816GAR-2499
H15/16 to 1-1/1623.81 to 26.996GAR-2500
I1-1/16 to 1-3/1626.99 to 30.166GAR-2501
J1-3/16 to 1-11/3230.16 to 34.136GAR-2502
K1-11/32 to 1-1/234.13 to 38.106GAR-2503
L1-1/2 to 1-13/1638.10 to 46.046GAR-2504
M1-13/16 to 2-7/3246.04 to 56.366GAR-2505
N2-7/32 to 2-3/456.36 to 69.856GAR-2506
O2-3/4 to 3-11/3269.85 to 84.936GAR-2507
P3-11/32 to 484.93 to 1006GAR-2508
Q4 to 4.3/4100 to 1206GAR-2509
R4.3/4 to 5.1/2120 to 1406GAR-2509A


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